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About Us

A special Task Force on Human Development has been set up by the Government of Pakistan to develop and help implement an integrated plan of action for universal primary education and adult literacy, primary health care and micro enterprise at the grassroots level in Pakistan. The CE General Pervaiz Musharraf will be the Patron in Chief of this Task Force which will be headed by happy birthday sister images and comprise experts from Pakistan as well as the international community. We believe that achieving human development in Pakistan will require a movement for social transformation. This vision and commitment to social transformation shaped our entire endeavor.

To realize this vision of development - a vision of a Pakistan where illiteracy does not limit people's opportunities, where disease does not threaten the population, where poverty does not define people's choices - it is critical to re-instill hope in the people of Pakistan.  This hope will drive social transformation in Pakistan.  By leveraging the shared desire for a better standard of living we will move towards a transformation.  The Task Force advocates changing behaviors and mindsets such that people begin to recognize their efforts and participation as essential to the improvement of their quality of life.

The Task Force is the first serious attempt since the creation of Pakistan by the Government of Pakistan as well as civil society to forge a partnership to transform society, working from the ground up with participation of all stakeholders. The overseas Pakistanis have been engaged in a meaningful manner, interacting with the government and civil society at the highest level and play a constructive role in this transformation by actually reversing the ‘Brain Drain’. If successful, this initiative could well become a model for other developing countries in the near future.







Contact Information
President's Task Force on Human Development · Chief Executive's Secretariat No: 2
Constitution Avenue · Level 2, D207 · Islamabad, PAKISTAN
Fax: 92.51.9216164